Small Tales and Visits to Heaven ~ Books One and Two
Caeli ("sy-la") has a spiritual Awakening.  How to use her psychic abilities she has already been gifted with...her journey widens when she thinks that her house might be haunted.  Who is the ghost, who is the spirit-guide, who is the psychic - just what is she reading?  Spiritual feats, life treats make their way through to knowing...eventually she learns more of her Gift and helps lost spirits make their way to Heaven. 

"...I got your book and started reading it last night and found that I had to just keep going with it.  Finally I put it down at 11:30 p.m. and picked it up again at 6:30 this morning.  I have just finished it and am so looking forward to learning more...a fantastic accomplishment!  I understand that this book was just released so I will wait patiently for your next novel to come out." A.B.L.
A story of enlightenment inspired by true-life experience, creatively rendered.  A Mystic's work begins with a spiritual-awakening.  Small Tales tell the story as a plot weaves through it.  Angels and Heaven help with the mystery of life and signs of human nature.  Drama and humour help the meaning shine.  These books will appeal to anyone, including "non-spiritualists,"  youth to adult.  A topical set on the subject of spirituality that can be read independently or as a series. 

308 pages

Do numbers of the day tell the plan at birth? They don't for Heaven seeks a song above. The land's berth sowing seeds from winds blown across the earth spanning centuries. As each and every one of us hold genetic patterns of pasts. begins the day.

Did she die? How then did she see Heaven? ...take a break and read about the souls.

Past-Lives or reincarnation is a concept many people wonder about or write about even. Do they affect the current life we lead? Could path-work(s) to enlightenment hold meaning of past-lives or allude to greater mysteries?  The original cast and crew return in this second book to spin the Wheel of Life equating to an Original Testing Ground.  However Heavenly teachers give lessons not tests. All is done lovingly each time, lessons of love to loosen all binds. No waters divide the mind. No souls thrive there. All reach to poles of salvation not opposites in reason that sway from the course of the physical.

From Awakening to her Becoming on go the tales. For those who want to learn about avenues of the spirit-world and the rungs to Heaven this is the book.  To learn about realms and how they influence Caeli's saga, read on....

Included is a genuine account of going to Heaven and a real portrayal of a Mystic's work.  Plus more in-depth portrayals of spiritual lessons. From novice to adept there is meaning for everyone, including people who only want to enjoy a good tale. 

and a mystery continues...  (This is real readers)


The Seer gazed in light elipse at an afternoon's light surprise, when at window she gazed her mind alive. The light became her mind in moment's notice when she looked up from inside herself. Memory like a fragrant breeze welcomed a smile from the sky above.

Life mysteries everywhere. Through her Spiritual Awakening help was in the wings. Were people on their own paths of enlightenment trying to help or was the psychic consortium of sorts up to something else?  Then spirits joined in. A phenomenon grew and many rode the waves of time as Caeli learned about her Gift.

Heaven watching over...

Book 3 of the set of S.T.V.H:  In the first two books Caeli holds some puzzle pieces  out before her but hasn't yet fit them together.  In the 3rd book, spirits tell the the story is not over.
The second book continues the journey of the "little mystic that could."  Widening the scope now to past-lives put together in this one along with the discovery of path-work old and new. Serious lessons margin the view with Heavenly teachers making their introduction.
Dialogue With A Muse, Poems

NOTES on Writing

The stories are about human nature in the lights and darks of spiritual times.

The first book is an introduction to a theme starting with what an Awakening is. Each book that follows will be different, graduating the spiritual learning.

The books are structured with small-tales so a story could unfold in a unique way allowing the reader to put meaning to them based on what they valued of the tale. The 2nd book is much different in terms of being plot based and has more in-depth spiritual lessons about levels of the spirit-world. Both are written in a narrative of literary fiction.

I stress here that the parts about Heaven and mystical learning are true and other parts are inspired by real-life.

I wanted to create a book that anyone could enjoy whether they were interested in spiritual themes or not.

I started with the idea of writing "ghost-stories" that weren't scary, to highlight learning of the vast scope of Heaven. To portray the meaning of spiritual work in a way that all people could appreciate it's validity. This period in my life that I write about, changed mine forever. Taking the meaning of enlightenment for me to another level. How could I not share this...
This poetry captures the essence of spiritual study and celebration of knowledge. There is a story within if you can find it. Lines within start scribed from the heart hear the song of a mystic in poetry. Finish within reason the season to be joyful. The dialogue of the soul calls out to stillness where words soar honoring the value of spiritualism and including Christian mysticism, a rare study and genre. Ethereal guidance is in knowing the muse in each of us.
Lisa is included in One Truth Many Voices, Satsang with 108 Spiritual Masters. For more information visit
These books are no longer available through America Star Books and can no longer be ordered. Books will be re-released new and revised. Please be patient and check back on this website for more info on the books. 2ND EDITION OF POETRY IS AVAILABLE AND CAN BE ORDERED ON THE FIRST PAGE OF THIS WEBSITE