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Lisa Lachapelle

A Children's Book is pending publishing.​

God's Call ~ to Heaven...soon

​​2013 August ~ Dialogue With A Muse, Poems

2012 July ~ Small Tales and Visits to Heaven 2

2011 December  ~ Small Tales and Visits to Heaven

Lisa is available for public speaking engagements about the        books or relevant topics and for Book-Signing events.
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​Dialogue With A Muse, Poems: 978-1627-7232-99
​Small Tales and Visits to Heaven 2 :  978-1-4626-8647-6
                                                           :  978-1-462-8647-8​
Small Tales and Visits to Heaven :  978-1-4626-56226


​​Who's Who of International Poetry, Great Poets Across America 
Library of Congress editions 2012
and Best Poets and Poems 2013​

A compilation of poetry - Lisa's work
is included in these editions.
ISBN:  9781619360358 - Great Poets Across America
Or order through www.worldpoetrymovement.com

Poems are also in Stars in Our Hearts editions by World Poetry Movement, Winter 2011 and Spring 2012.

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Small Tales and Visits to Heaven 2 had reached Top Seller status on two online sites -
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