I live in Canada and I'm a creative pursuer of peace. A "Post-Modern Guru," meaning I do everything new with a fond touch of old. (But you already know that by reading this site). I am also big on self-study with a love of learning.

My goal for writing was most importantly and above all else to get a strong spiritual message to people and express enlightenment in a way that would reach many.

​​Through a 9 year period of spiritual enlightenment I focused on meditation, prayer and writing and held that learning to my every waking day since. I cannot express enough my gratitude to my family and everyone for their patience, love  and support throughout poverty.  My thanks to Heaven is infinite.

These books are inspired by my spiritual path. Gathering passion with  notes I wrote Small Tales and Visits to Heaven, my first book to be published. The second book of that set was released seven months later.  Poetry was not only a part of a broader creative process but a point of discovery and I am pleased to offer that also in a book. Much more writing in the works and more books to come.

I am also a fine artist and the two creative realms - writing and art, in the fabric of living have very different outcomes.  How I love them both!

Lover of light and lover of humanity. In union with the light and dedicated to spiritual humanest resolve for a union of hearts to bring harmony to others.

Life Long Learning. Hands healer (Reiki Master) to Post Grad Studies, once a counselor, qualified Recreation Therapist. Struggling Writer/Artist or  muse, professional career juggler and happily so. My creative work has kept me going no matter what stage of life. In writing I have taken a dream and favourite past-time to a level I can now share through my books. 

I could go on here a bit more but then it would turn into a memoir and that's one book I doubt I'll write - no one would believe it...

I am excited to share my books with the world and look forward to my next releases.

But that's enough about me - how about you?  Please let me know your comments or feedback about my work, send me an email. Nothing is better than knowing.  All emails will be replied to.   

Best tidings for future outlooks.
Reclining Figure,Charcoal
by Lisa Lachapelle
Orbs, Pastel by
Lisa Lachapelle

My books are no longer available through America Star Books (formerly Publish America), please do not order through their website. These books will be re-released with new publishing, new and revised. Please be patient and check back on this website for more info on the books.
Reviews of Lisa's work will be updated here soon